Wiggins Chasing Olympic For Fifth

Bradley Wiggins, a highly esteemed professional cyclist has decided to leave the road and come back on the track of after the end of the next session. Apart from winning the world famous cycling event Tour De France 2012, Bradley has won four Olympic Titles which is not at all surprising for such a brilliant sportsperson of Britain. He described that it will be a wonderful closing session of his career if it has a gold mark of next Olympic apart from which he is also chasing Olympics to move on to the fifth.


A Schleck Success Story

Andy Raymond Schleck was a born cyclist and is seen more on the cycle than off it. Born in Luxembourg, he has been one of the greatest professional cyclists the world has ever seen. From one event to the other, he has been winning one title after the other and in the process leaving his mark on the world.

Cycling has been in his blood as his father was also a great cyclist and had won many titles during his peak time. Like father like son, Andy Raymond Schleck was not to be left behind and this meant that he has won as many titles and accolades like his father.


Todd Herriott Biography

Todd Herriott was a professional cyclist, and is now one of the most experienced and respected bike trainers around.

He founded Herriott Sports Performance, a company which lets him pass on his expertise in coaching and strength conditioning for endurance athletes.

Herriot spent many years on the pro tour, which has allowed him to pick up the very best of the training techniques that are out there. His experience as a personal trainer at one of New York's health clubs, helped him develop a vast knowledge base about "what works" for athletes.

He won many fans throughout his career, and was reknowned as one of the most hard-working and dedicated cyclists around. It was his will to win (as well as to finish) that inspired his fans the most, and inspired this website.

Please feel free to post a message to Todd, and hopefully oneday he will read them :)

In the meantime, if you want to continue supporting Todd, head over to his Sports Performance Center or check them out online - the link is at the top.


With the launch of the 2011 range of Boardman Bikes happening on Thursday, we thought we'd give them a road test for our readers. These are the kind of bikes that pros like Lance Armstrong and Alessandro Petacchi like to be seen on!

The Boardman Road Pro Carbon, priced at £1800, will be the centre-piece bike of the Boardman Performance range, using the same frame design as the brand new Elite Seris AiR (aerodynamic racing) frame.